5 Christmas Sparkles You Should Add in Your Social Media Strategies

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The festive season is the perfect time for the shop owners or online shoppers to increase their conversion rate. It is being observed for the last few decades that during the festive season of Black Friday, Thanksgiving day, and Christmas, people usually do more shopping as compare to other days.

Need proof?

According to eMarketer report, phenomenal variations have been observed in US retail e-commerce sales during Christmas in the year 2016. Sales were increased by 17.8% and the total retail sales rise up to 4.8%. (Source – eMarketer)

Thus, the festive season is a boon for thousands of entrepreneur and online store holders. This can help them to elevate the conversion rate of their business. But for this, you need to prepare or decorate your store in such a way that it exudes celebration and festive spirit and entices the large audience to your store.

Reports made by Digital Hyve have explained in great detail how, with the inception of Digital Marketing, various new things have evolved that transform the mechanism of the online business. One among them is Social Media. It is a brand promotion activity that enables you to spread your brand presence across various social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and much more.

Now the question arises, Why to Invest in Social Media? Is it really beneficial for the business? Here is your answer:


Image Source – https://www.statista.com/statistics/188447/influence-of-global-social-media-marketing-usage-on-businesses/

This statistical data is achieved from the survey, where 69% of marketers stated that Social Media has helped them to elevate their brand exposure, developed loyal customers, and improves their conversion rate. Thus, you should for sure invest in Social media this festive season to achieve your digital goal. (Source – Statista)

In today’s blog, we will enlighten you with few essential elements that you should for sure consider implementing in your social media strategies to achieve greater social ROI.

5 Christmas Sparkles You Should Add in Your Social Media Strategies

  1. Decorate Your Presence


    As soon as December comes, people start decorating their homes and workplaces, just to make themselves and others feel the spirit of celebration. Thus, it is important for you to spruce up your website and social media channel for this festive season. How? Revamp your website or social media designs completely to the festive aura. You can use Christmas themed graphics on your Facebook cover page.

  2. Represent Cover Picture as Billboard


    In the festive and holiday season, Facebook, the Twitter cover page can work as a billboard. You can easily showcase your exciting holiday or Christmas deals/gift on your cover page through attractive pictures & graphics. This can attract your visitors to your site and entice them to take a call to action. Thus, it can help you to promote your brand efficiently across the social audience.

  3. Run Christmas Competition


    Festivals like Thanksgiving and Christmas are the best time to earn recurring revenue. It is being considered that “recurring revenue costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain existing one.” Furthermore, the holiday season offers you a great opportunity to increase your audience engagement on the social platform. This can also enable you to visit your existing and potential customers on social media. For this, you can create an indirect communication like small competitions. This, in turn, can, increase your audience engagement at a tremendous rate.

  4. Represent your product & service exceptionally

    It is important to embellish every element of your website & social media to augment the conversion rate of your business. To achieve this, you have to work on your product & service as well, decorate and represent it with the touch of Christmas feel. This can develop the interest in visitor’s mind towards your product and service and in turn, it elevates your audience engagement that can contribute to your digital success.

  5. Include Small Videos

    “53 percent of U.S. internet users aged 17 to 25 years had watched live streaming video on social media.” (Source – Statista) Thus, Video is one of the best options to decorate your social media sites. You can also consider making creative videos of your products and services that perfectly exudes your brand message in a celebrating mood. You should prefer to add both the humorous and emotional elements to your video to make it more engaging.

These were the 5 essential elements that can not only make your social media presence attractive but can also elevate your social conversion in this festive season. Managing Social Media is not an easy nut to crack, so, we, at Bluestar can assist you with the professional Social Media Management services and creating result-driven marketing social media campaign.

Connect with us at admin@bluestar-apps.com to experience the social transformation perfection at its finest. You can also contact us at 888-317-6959.

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