I want to thank everyone at Blue Star for our amazing website!
The second week of December, yes December in JEWELRY RETAIL, we decided it was time for a new website and couldn't take it any longer. We were in contact with Blue Star, liked the product, liked the price and decided we would get on it after the new year. When we came back to you and said we want to go ahead with this, how long will it take to get our new website live with an entire new look, product and most of all a shopping cart!!! You said, 3 to 4 weeks, we can have you ready to go for Valentine's Day! Of course our owners were happy beyond explanation and said let's do it! I figured they obviously have forgotten it is CHRISTMAS, but always up for a good challenge, I believe we actually started the website around December 17. I thought I would die, but the process was amazing, easy, simple and you know it had to be for us to accomplish this during Christmas (and with an increase in sales over last year!!) and up and running before Valentine's Day!

Again, thank you to the entire team at Blue Star! We receive compliments on our website daily, emails daily regarding product questions and most of all we have made sales from out of state that have paid for our website twice, not to mention the people that have walked in our store with a print out wanting to see a piece of jewelry they saw on our website.

Thank you guys, you are amazing!

Shannon Haste - Director of Marketing

Davis Jewelers


After 2 years of listening to "website developers" who couldn't deliver, we found Blue Star. They have developed our new site for Wheat Jewelers in a very short period of time. They offered all sorts of new innovations and did, in fact, help develop ideas we wanted included. Blue Star is not a prepackaged template we specialist that fits your store into their template, they customize to your needs.

We also have a second specialty jewelry site that Blue Star was able to "re-invent"; added a store and had us running on the new site within a month. We can't say enough good things.

Kevin Wheat - President

Wheat Jewelers


Whenever I work with a supplier of any type I am looking for a partnership, not a traditional vendor store arrangement. I want to work with someone who wants to fulfill my visions, not theirs. Blue Star Applications has become my partner. They have become an extension of my store. They are my web-development partner. They are attentive, follow through promptly on projects and allow me to have a web-site that grabs my customers attention, drives traffic and is cost effective.

Dan Levinson - President

Ellis Jewelers


Dear K,
I wanted to say Thank You so much with helping us develop our Diamond Search. I really love the flexibility of your system. I was able to fine tune each size based on cost. It's fantastic! And more importantly my staff uses it. It has helped us with many sales we would never have had.

Thank You,

Dean Nasifoglu - President

Wedding Day Jewelers

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