Cloud Based Virtual Jewelry Inventory

Bluestar holds 45000+ Jewelry Inventory which connects you with other retailers, vendors, and jewelers in a modern way.
  • Easily manage products on your website
  • Keep your inventory current
  • Source new potential vendors
  • Interact with your customers
  • Easy to install
  • Save time and money
Diamond Inventary

Cloud Based Virtual Diamond Inventory

Bluestar Applications Cloud Based Virtual Diamond Inventory provides access to nearly 50,000 certified loose diamonds currently on the market, directly to you and your customer every minute of every day.

  • Access to 50,000 Certified Loose Diamonds
  • Select from major USA Diamond Suppliers
  • Easy to manage Diamond Markups
  • Increased Inventory Access
  • Access To Sarin Reports

In-store Jewelry Data Management

You want your on-line customer to have the same access to product you carry in-store. We can help connect your POS directly to your site, taking the guess work our of the equation for you.

  • Works with Major API programs
  • Maps easily to POS system output
  • Realtime technical support

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