Where do Diamonds Come From?

We have put together a list of diamonds that come from manufacturers and cutters that are primarily located in the United States. We have set up customizable "feeds" that provide continuous updates on the availability of diamonds on the list. You are able to customize the list to add vendors that you do business with or you can let us filter the list for you. The choice is up to you. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

Can I Control the Diamond Inventory Displayed on my Website?

Yes. We want our Blue Star application to be as user-friendly and helpful as possible. You are able to specifically tailor your requirements. You have the ability to filter based on size, shape, color, clarity and cut. You can also sort by the Certification Laboratory. Your database is 100% customized by you. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

Should I Sell Diamonds Cheaper On my Website Than I do in the Store?

From our research, we've found it's best to keep price your diamonds the same whether it's in your store or on your website. Your website is designed to be an extension of your store and built to drive traffic to you. Even in the technology-driven age we live in, we've found that 90% of your customers will prefer to deal with you face-to-face in the store than purchase sight unseen online. Protect your margins and keep prices the same. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

How Much Business Can I Expect From my E-Commerce Website?

The most recent statistics have shown that online jewelry sales amount to about 4% of total jewelry industry sales. You should expect your website to about the same level of volume. As an example, if you do $1 million in sales, you should expect about $40,000 of that to come your website and that trend should grow each year. The Bluestar application is set to build your business above and beyond that 4% mark though. We will keep you ahead of the curve in bringing traffic to your site through individually created SEO and SMO optimization. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

What if I Already have a Website?

No problem. We prefer to have a Blue Star applications site built for you, but we incorporate images and information from your existing site. This is especially true if you haven't updated your site in a long time and the information is old. The older your domain name, the better it will rank in any of the search engines. As an alternative, if you have a site that is new and current, we are able to add a "Shop Online" button that will link you to a new site provided by Blue Star Applications. It would be hosted under a domain name similar to your original domain. Down the road, the traffic can be merged to one e-commerce website if desired. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

What Good is a Great Website if no One knows it's there? How Will People Find my Website?

That's where Blue Star comes in and why we do what we do. We are highly trained in the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That this means is that everything we market for you is keyword driven. When someone looks for something in Google, Yahoo, Bing or MSN, we want your site to be on the front page of these sites. This brings traffic to your site. When you think about it, how many people go to page two when they're searching. They don'..they click on the links on page one. Our goal is to get you there. You can tell people your domain name and hope that it spreads by word of mouth, but SEO marketing has proven to be incredibly successful. We also can do email blasts and Social Media Optimization (SMO). We take to Facebook, Twitter, etc and advertise for you. SEO and SMO marketing combined is a powerful way to get yourself recognized. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

Can I Add my Own On-Line Coupons?

Online coupons are hugely popular. Our Blue Star applications system will allow you to add online discount coupons for a specific percentage amount and period of time. As an example, you can set a Valentine's Day coupon to be active from February 1 - February 14. After the 14th, you can set that coupon to automatically expire. Our system will do it all for you automatically, giving you peace of mind during the busier times of the year. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

Can I Add Additional Links to my Website?

Yes! Our Bluestar Application System allows you to add links to many external Jewelry and Watch designer websites. The process is simple and easy to understand. ADDITIONAL LINKS is the section where this can be created. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

Why is Social Media Important to my Business?

Social media is everywhere. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most used websites every day. The exposure that your company can receive by marketing on social media is astounding. We also rely on Search Engine Optimization to get your company at the top of the search engine sites. These two types of advertising have proven to be more beneficial than more traditional kinds. Your web presence will be incredibly successful with a balanced marketing and advertising strategy. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

Can I Choose Specific Brands That I Carry to Show on my Website?

We like to give our clients complete control over what is offered on their website and we understand that your identity as a store is often measured by the brands and products you carry. These products are specific to you and are showcased most effectively by you. This brand integration can ensure higher exposure and effectively, build your name quickly. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

Why Should my Website be an Extension of my Store?

When you started your business, there is no doubt you wanted to establish a certain kind of presence. You wanted people to look at your store and immediately associate it with a feeling. For this reason, you want our website to evoke that same feeling that your store does. This is called branding. Branding is establishing a familiar presence throughout all media. The design, layout, colors and fonts should be chosen with care to create a familiar look between the store and the website. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

What is the Difference Between a Website and a Web Presence?

Anyone can have a website. You get yourself a domain name and you build a website through one of the many website publishing companies. But what do you do after that? How do you get your name out there to build traffic to your site? That's where SEO and SMO marketing come in to build your web presence. Certain phrases, keywords and social media updating is proven to be incredibly successful in driving traffic to your website. Familiarity and trust is bred when word starts to spread, thus establishing a positive web presence for your website. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

Can I add the Diamond Module to my Existing Website?

Absolutely. In the past year, loose diamonds have become a highly sought after item and more and more jewelers are offering this option to their consumers. For that reason, having a database of loose diamonds is of the utmost importance to keep yourself competitive in the field. We make it easy to add our module and will walk you through the steps to do so. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

Can I upload my own Inventory to my Website?

Our Blue Star system was created to accommodate the needs of our clients in the most efficient and simple way possible. You are able to manage all of your in-store products as well as the inventory we supply to you. It should be noted that images of your own products should be of a high quality. 800 x 800 pixels is recommended. Your images will be clear and will showcase the quality of your products. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

Who Controls my Site?

You do! Our system gives you control over your website where you can manage and control it in real time. This is a simple, easy-to-understand process that keeps you in the driver's seat. You have complete control in how you want your website to present. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

Can I use my own Merchant Account to Process Credit Cards Online on the Site?

While Blue Star has its own merchant account that you can use, you have the option of using your own as well. We utilize a shopping cart on our site to run sales but offer you complete flexibility in who you use for your merchant account. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

Will I be Able to Make Changes to my Website?

At Blue Star, we strive to provide the best customer satisfaction around and we understand that you want to keep your website fresh with new information. For this reason, we make it very easy for you to make any changes or enhancements to your site. Our Project Management System will let you send in tickets of amendments, changes or updates that are needed. We execute these updates right away and provided detailed updates to you as well. It's a simple process that gives you control over the look and information being presented at any given time. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

Does Blue Star Offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services?

We offer SEO plans that are uniquely designed for each business we work with. Every business has a specialized set of needs and goals that they want to accomplish and we work with you to create a system that works to your full advantage by looking at your needs and experience level. Our SEO services are comprised of three key parts - Planning and Analysis, Website Optimization and Link Building and Website Reporting and Analytics. We go over each step with you so that you understand the process and can work with us closely in this area. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

Does Blue Star Offer Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services?

We do offer SMO plans, but because of each business having their own specific needs and goals, our plans are fully individualized to your business. We work with your experience, knowledge and size to determine the most productive way to make SMO work for you. Facebook and Twitter have obviously exploded over the past couple of years and marketing in these social media entities has proven to be incredibly successful. In addition, we offer email campaign services, brand agency management and brand video ad boasting services. We have extensive experience in each area. Click Here to Contact us for more information.

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